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Scouting Advice from Turkey Hunting Pros

This week Cameron and I have some scouting advice from turkey hunting pros for your listening pleasure.  In fact, Cameron brings the majority of this week's show to you as I vacation at the beach before turkey season starts.

Cameron interviews Preston Pittman, Chris Parrish, Jimmy Primos, Harold Knight, Eddie Salter, and Tony Reynolds. He asks them 3 questions about scouting public land because Cameron is having difficulty locating turkeys on some of the public land around Birmingham, Alabama.

Listen in and hear what advice some of the turkey hunting pros have to offer Cameron in this week's episode.

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Dissecting A Box Call with Bob Fulcher

This week, we are dissecting a box call with Bob Fulcher with Shadetree Callers.

Tune in to learn how the thickness of the walls and bottom of a call affect the sound of the call. We also talk about tuning box calls with a pocket knife, and the difference between a one piece box call and a laminate call. We talk about how the density of the wood affects the sound of a box call and whether or not we want a box call that is made 100% of the same type of wood. 

After we talk box calls and listen to the difference in some of the box calls that Bob makes at Shadetree Callers, we get to hear the story of Bob's most recent successful turkey hunt and one or two of the things that made that hunt a success.

Listen in and learn about box calls when we start dissecting a box call.


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In this episode of The Turkey Hunter, I conduct the 1 question interviews with turkey hunting pros at the NWTF Convention and Sports Show in Nashville. 

Hear the 1 thing that increased the turkey hunting success rates around for guys like Preston Pittman, Eddie Salter, Ernie Calandrelli, Ray Eye, Harold Knight, Chris Parrish, Trent Masterson, Matt Morrett, and Jimmy Primos.

I guarantee you will learn something about turkey hunting in this week's show. Listen in and enjoy.

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Early Season Turkey Hunting Strategies with Ernie Calandrelli

Ernie Calandrelli joins me this week to discuss early season turkey hunting strategies. 

Early season in the turkey woods can be a tale of two seasons. The big dominant Toms are busy tending to their harem of hens; and, in doing so, more often than not are unwilling to respond and come into our calling.  The subordinate, or satellite Toms, are looking for love in all the wrong places, and they will often run over us to get to that "hen" that they think is begging for attention.

In saying that, for us hunters, early season turkey hunting consists of days that are really good and days that are really bad, with the majority of our days being the latter.

When dealing with early season turkeys, we can do certain things to increase the odds of being successful. 

One of those strategies we can try is to mock the boss hen and try to get her angry enough to come into our setup to fight that hen that is trying to tell her and the other turkeys in the area what to do.

Ernie and I discuss that strategy as well as other early season turkey hunting strategies in this week's episode.

Listen in and be sure to leave a comment to let me know what your favorite, and most successful, early season turkey hunting strategy is.

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2017 NWTF Convention Recap

In this week's episode, I recap the 2017 NWTF Convention and Sports Show that took place in Nashville, TN.

With what is sure to be a record breaking crowd in attendance over the weekend, thousands of people enjoyed seminars, calling contests, and an exhibition hall full of vendor booths selling anything from shotguns to turkey calls to facemasks to cover a turkey hunter's face.

While all of this excitement was going on in the convention and sports show, I was wandering around recruiting people to let me record an interview with them.  This interview was one with a twist - it consisted of one question.

The real trick to the one question is that there really was not one answer, and there certainly was not one right answer.  I strictly wanted to know "What is the one thing that elevated your success level in the turkey woods from that of being a beginner to where you are consistently killing turkeys year in and year out?"

That is it!  That is the one question from the one question interview.  I got some really good answers, and I share those with you in this week's episode. 

Listen in and enjoy the 2017 NWTF Convention Recap and my one question interviews with attendees of the convention.

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121 - Part 2 of Advanced Trapping Sets for Wild Turkey Predators with Trent Masterson

Part 2 of Advanced Trapping Sets for Wild Turkey Predators with Trent Masterson


In this week's episode I continue the conversation with Trent Masterson about some advanced trapping sets for wild turkey predators - adult and poult wild turkey predators mostly.

Coyotes are extremely wary, and they are quick to catch on to trapping in their home area. When they catch on, they get more and more difficult to trap and remove from the area. Trent gives some tips on how we can catch more of those wary coyotes before they catch our nesting hens and vulnerable poults.

Trent also discusses how to catch the best hunters in the woods - bobcats. Their inquisitive nature makes them easier to trap than coyotes, but there are some techniques that we can use to increase our odds of success when seeking these turkey killers.

Foxes are also a predator that will destroy a nest of eggs or catch our poults and nesting hens, and we need to remove as many foxes as we can to help our turkey population too. Trent and I discuss the main differences in coyote trap sets and fox trap sets.

Lastly, we discuss how to dispatch the animals we have in our traps effectively and humanely.

Trent also gives us some information on the National Trapper's Association and how we can get involved with that organization, even if we do not trap since the animal rights groups are coming after trappers as well as hunters. 

120 - Advanced Trapping Sets for Wild Turkey Predators with Trent Masterson

Trent Masterson joins me this week to discuss advanced trapping sets for wild turkey predators.

If you want to have more turkeys to observe and hunt on your property, there are 2 main things that you can do to really help to increase your population.  One of those is to improve the habitat that the turkeys have.  The second activity is to trap predators.

More often than not, those predators that have seen, heard, and smelled other predators caught in traps get wary and hard to catch.  That is exactly what we are discussing in this episode - advanced trapping sets for wild turkey predators.

Because this interview with Trent ran almost 2 hours, I've split the interview into 2 parts.  In this part of the interview, Trent and I discuss advanced trapping sets for nest predators of wild turkeys, so we talk coons, skunks, and possums.

Listen in as we discuss what we need to know to catch these more wary wild turkey predators.

119 - Pre Season Scouting for Wild Turkeys with Preston Pittman

Preston Pittman with Pittman Game Calls and Longleaf Camo joins me today to discuss pre season scouting for wild turkeys.

We talk about when we need to start our pre season scouting for wild turkeys, what we need to be looking for when we scout, when we should stop our scouting for turkeys, and some of the most common mistakes we make when scouting.

In addition to learning some tips to scout your hunting property before turkey season starts, we also get to hear some great turkey hunting stories from Preston as well.

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118 - What I Carry In My Turkey Hunting Vest

I received a show suggestion from Friend of the Show, Griff Baute, to do a show on turkey hunting gear, so today I'm sharing with you what I carry in my turkey hunting vest.

I'm going to give you the list of what I keep in my turkey hunting vest 24/7, what I rotate in and out of my turkey hunting vest, and what I need to put in my turkey hunting vest before this season starts.

After listening to the show, send me an email with the 1 thing that you will not go into the turkey woods without being in your vest.

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117 - Bowhunting Turkeys without a Blind with Tim Knight

Join me as I interview Tim Knight and Corey New about bowhunting turkeys without a blind.

A wild turkey's eyesight is undoubtedly the best of any big game species in North America. They have an uncanny ability to pick out any type of movement or something that is just not right in the woods.

Because of their incredible eyesight, bowhunting turkeys without a blind may seem like it is an impossible feat, but it is not.

As of today's date, Tim Knight has killed 84 turkeys with a bow and without a blind, and in this episode I pick his brain about how he is so successful doing it.

We talk bow setup, shot placement, camouflage, decoys, and ideal range for a bow shot.  In addition, we share some hunting stories, and Tim even shares a recipe or three with us.

This episode is a new one on my favorite episode list because I got so much more out of Tim than I had planned and because I had a great time conducting the interview.

Be sure to listen in to this episode to learn all you can about bowhunting turkeys without a blind, hear some great hunting stories, and laugh along with us as well.

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